I took my first yoga class because I wondered if all the rumored benefits of yoga are true.  After just a few sessions, I noticed that my movements seemed smooth and light.  My patience increased, my core was stronger, and I would use my breath when I needed to re-center.  I had always been clumsy and uncoordinated, so I was really surprised when I realized that I could not remember the last time I tripped over myself.  My balance and coordination was improving.  Yoga changed not only how I felt physically, but the philosophy also improved my outlook on life.  I was indeed benefitting from my yoga practice. 

After a few years of practice, training to teach yoga seemed a natural progression because I already spend my career sharing my passion for literature and language with teenagers as a high school teacher.  I completed my RYT 200 training in 2018 at Art of Balance Yoga Studio, so now I can share my passion for yoga.  As your yoga teacher, I want you to feel welcomed, accomplished, centered, joyful, and radiant.  I hope that the strength and flexibility that you learn on your mat conveys to your life off the mat just as it did for me.